OpenAI Opens ChatGPT for Use Without Registration 2024


The performance of ChatGPT, developed by the artificial intelligence company OpenAI, has been impressive. However, to enjoy more powerful features, one must opt for the paid version. For individual users, the monthly fee is USD 20 (about SGD 27). If using the free service, users had to register first. Now, OpenAI has introduced a new service. Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

OpenAI announced in a blog post on Monday that, to allow more people to experience the benefits of artificial intelligence and to make ChatGPT more widely used, starting from today, it is possible to log into ChatGPT without registering. The information provided by users will be used to train the model, but this can be turned off in the settings.


In addition to announcing the news through a blog post, OpenAI also unusually sent letters to the media on Monday, announcing the full opening of ChatGPT for use. Previously, registration was required to log in, but starting Monday, it’s possible to converse on the site without an account, to meet the needs of those interested in artificial intelligence (AI) but who do not want to register.

However, OpenAI pointed out that it will start with some markets and gradually extend to other regions.

ChatGPT New Mission 2024

OpenAI emphasized that the company’s core mission is “to make it easier for the public to experience AI and ChatGPT.” At the same time, additional protection measures have been added to this experience, such as broader blocking of prompts and generated information.

The blog reminds that the information entered by users will be used to improve OpenAI’s models, but whether or not an account is created, users can turn off this feature in the settings.

Currently, OpenAI is used by an average of over 100 million people in 185 countries around the world every week. According to the traffic tracking website SimilarWeb, visits to ChatGPT reached 1.6 billion in February, dominating among similar conversational tools. It once reached 1.8 billion people in May last year but has since slightly declined.

There is an expectation that a larger number of users will enter the ChatGPT website in the future to feed data to the model. In response to concerns about the model being misused and weaponized, the American technology news media TechCrunch raised questions. OpenAI gave a standard response, indicating that they would monitor carefully and provide further information.

OpenAI explained that even though ChatGPT can be used without registering, the benefits of creating an account include being able to save and view history, share chat content, and enable other features such as voice conversations and customized prompts.

Other products from OpenAI still require payment and registration to use. The newly launched Voice Engine, a voice cloning tool, and the text-to-video AI model Sora, are still only available to some users and partners.